Difference between cPanel and Web Host Manager

To manage a hosting service, a tool is being provided to users as per their choices when they buy a web hosting package. You must be thinking about the tools, right? The main tools are cPanel and Web Hosting Manager whereas it is abbreviated as WHM. These tools help users to have a complete charge over their web hosting.

What a customer do sometimes is, they buy both the hosting packages even before knowing about the basic functions and purpose of them. However, you can rely on this article to know the difference between cPanel and WHM. Stay on the page and get your worries done within minutes but before you must be aware of cPanel and Web Hosting Manager.

Know-how of cPanel:

The cPanel is also known as online control panel hosting tool and considered one of the most popular among web hosting accounts which helps the users to manage Linux hosting service. cPanel helps a user to have a good control over administrative tasks, such as creating websites and cpanel webmail also manage them in a single place, resetting passwords, setting mail forwarding, managing all types of domains including subdomains and add-on domains, managing and uploading files etcetera.

A cPanel has certain pros and cons which we are going to discuss hereafter but besides, it makes a sensible choice while working brilliantly in most of the cases. Following are the pros and cons you must be aware of:

Pros of cPanel:

  • Easy to pick and learn
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of tutorials available online
  • Saves your valuable money and time
  • Auto-installers of software are including

Cons of cPanel:

  • Can be costly
  • Innumerable features can create overwhelming condition
  • Outdated software can be run by some hosts

What are the advantages of cPanel?

The cPanel is user-friendly and has distinctive advantages in comparison to its competitors. Here you go through a list of some:

1. Manage emails and domains:

As per hosting plans, it allows you to manage email and moreover, add on domains.

2. Control FTP Account:

It has a good control over FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts to move files, upload or delete files.

3. Secure Data:

It ensures you secured data along with recovery and backup options. By all means you can get everything on a single scale.

4. Less Costly:

It is very cheap in comparison to other hosting services.

Know-how of Web Hosting Manager (WHM):

WHM or Web Host Manager is an access tool for the cPanel account and also a control dashboard which has an ability to manage innumerable cPanel sites. You can create a cPanel account with WHM. Furthermore, WHM not only help users manage light sites but heavy sites as well. If you want to go for an option to upgrade and modify account, then WHM works here.

Advantages of Web Hosting Manager

WHM provides and allows users to access all the domains. Moreover, it has total backend control over cPanel, consisting of numerous advantages. Here are some you should know:

1. Permits IP Address access:

It allows whitelisting of IP (Internet protocol) addresses.

2. Provides ownership:

WHM permits you to get access to all the accounts inside out. Although allows one to alter the ownership of an account if sold or deleted.

3. Access of websites:

WHM has an access of other websites to brand themselves with distinctive web hosting manager skins.

What is the difference between cPanel and WHM?

Now you have completely understood both the terms along with its benefits, so it will become easier for you to understand the difference between these two hosting managers. Solely to put things back into perspective, here you go with some important points:

In Web Hosting Manager, you can:

  • create accounts based on individuality
  • create packages of custom hosting
  • add on domains to the specific server
  • reset passwords and manage email addresses for cPanel accounts
  • modification of Domain name system or DNS zone records for particular domain or subdomain
  • Expertise in control panel maintenance

In control Panel or cPanel, you can:

  • It uses Softaculous to install content management system (CMS)
  • For the websites it can manage and upload files
  • Helps to add and remove add-on domains and subdomains
  • Can create and manage  email accounts and email settings
  • Protects spam accounts
  • Domain name system records can be edited for their domains
  • check the statistics of websites
  • Backup and databases are highly managed by cPanel


Before even buying both of these tools namely cPanel and Web Hosting Manager, you should be aware of its functions and purpose so that the uses can become even easier. As these hosting services provide several services to make it look user-friendly, besides has some cons at the same time. You are provided by the good options already so make sure to choose wisely!

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