If you have a website and you want to register a domain, here you go!

To make your brand successful, business more reliable, and get more customers then you gotta be at right place. We tell you how to get registered and what steps are required.

You must know that domain name is the first stair to turn up a game-changing website.

Significance of Domain Name

What visitors see first? It is you URL! Having an exceptional domain name can create a positive image and lasting impression to them, they’d turn back if they do not find it interesting. Domain name has its importance to build you brand name up already, also help recognize your brand name only if it is attractive.

So this is the basic step that you should be following at first, choose your domain name and if you still haven’t then stay on the page to get full acknowledged.

Overview of Registration

For registration, some really important things need to be in consideration. Firstly, you should consult a registrar, pay a required registration fee for getting the domain name. It lasts for about a year and you have to pay every year to get it renewed. Now you’re all set to get a name for your website.

Some commercial web hosts will register a website and will pay for the name for free, meanwhile some cost fees to do it for you.

Step by Step Methods of registering your own domain name

Following steps will help you understand how to register your own domain name:

Step 1:

Before proceeding to the first step, certain confirmations are mandatory. You should check as if your desired domain name is available or not, moreover, you can further initiate by searching out your registrar name such ae Domain Registration , one the best registrars in UAE. All you need is to be creative solely to be the centre of attention, why? Because first impression is the last impression which means greater the creativity, higher will be the demand or attraction.

Step 2:

If the domain name already exists then you are now going to choose, where to register on multiple high-level domains such as, .org, .net, .biz, or .com. But wait! This step can be a difficult one because there are million of websites with millions of domain names available on Internet which are registered already. But ae Domain Registration knows how to get you over all these vexations, so sit back and let us help you out!

Step 3:

This step starts when you are done with the selection of domain name of your desire. Now, you must know that ae domain registration is providing the options as if you want to last your name for year or more than a year. It depends on how much you can pay but no need to worry as you’re consulting with the best registrar.

Step 4:

Finally, the last step initiates when you are done with finalizing your best domain name, and the amount of required time on how long you can hold on a domain name. Go with the plan of payment, like just pay ae domain registrar and they will do the rest. Go and get the name for your website, a perfect name that will surely change the game.

Well, now you have registered your domain name. What’s next? Hold on! You only need to state where your domain should be accessed in computers, for instance, the IP address of your website where the domain is being hosted, however, through updating the server’s name of your website. There’s another possible way to host your website or basic information if you don’t have any required space or place for that, how? Ae domain registrars, during the registration process have options to host, consider it availablity.


To make your website look creative and attractive, you must register a perfect domain name for it. Moreover, this would help increase the customers and the demand of specificity. You can be dependable upon our registrars of ae domain registration, we are here to help you out !