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If you’re thinking of starting an online business then you need to build your website architecture on a reliable hosting. An easy way to point out the best web hosting company is through their portfolio and advanced features that they offer. There are a lot of things that one should consider while selecting a hosting company for your website. A website with minimal downtime, affordable hosting plans and plenty of bandwidth space are the basic requirement of a website hosting company. The benefits of each of these terms are that your website will have the potential for better traffic and profits.

GCC Web Hosting

GCC web hosting is a trusted IT partner that stands for its higher reputation and affordable web hosting plans which includes domain name registration and other services. Our professional IT team shows marvelous results on Linux web servers along with shared web hosting servers. Our services include both Linux and Windows servers which include:

  • Virtual Web Servers
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
  • Mega Web Server
  • Dedicated Server (Linux/Windows)
  • Name Server and Database
  • Corporate Server
  • Java servlet and advanced PHP/JSP features

Features of Top Web hosting company Dubai

A good website hosting company is not just about storing your website data on a server, it also plays an important role in google ranking factors and customer satisfaction. GCC web hosting makes your website shine on this online IT industry. Here are some factors that our firm can provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Website Backup

Its a good habit to backup all the data of your website on a daily or weekly basis. We all know that its common for a website to hit by a hacker or other malware functions. For a piece of mind, GCC web hosting provides a GUI interface for backing up your data on different servers. Each machine in our firm is designed to access the data of other in a utilized way. This will increase the redundancy and reliability of a web server. Not only that, GCC web servers will also take backup of your website data on a scheduled basis.

Website Analytics

Our servers will provide an in-depth image of your website architecture so you can easily manage and fix errors. We provide full Control Panel Access that you can use to regularly analyze your website.

Customer Support

There are so many common problems that you will face once in your online business career like hacked or crashed the website. GCC provides a 24/7 highly trained dedicated customer support services worldwide. There are so many ways a customer can contact us. There’s a live chat feature specially designed to handle problems in a real-world environment.

Website Promotion Details

GCC also provides other marketing features like Business Emails, website domain registration, website design, and Digital marketing. Want a free quote? Visit our Live Chat button and one our representative will reach out to you.

Uptime and Bandwidth

We promise to provide 99.9% uptime for every hosting plans and unlimited bandwidth. Each hosting plan has specified terms of Bandwidth that leaves you feeling secure for your data online.