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What Is Web Hosting? Web Hosting Services – Web Hosting Dubai

Whenever you visit a certain website, you see there are tons of files available for you to access in a managed way. All of these are stored in a database which itself is stored in a server machine called website hosting. Do you have an established business or considering starting a website to promote your own products? Well, you should consider finding a better website hosting company.

What is Web Hosting?

In simple terms, web hosting is basically the renting of free space on a server machine. A server machine is a set up of different software and algorithms that send and receive data stored on it. Web hosting is a service that allows business owners or individuals to host a website on the internet. They provide the services needed for each business terms and conditions to sustain in this competitive marketplace. When a user wants to connect with your website, they simply type the name of the website(domain name). This sends a request signal to the server and in return, the server machine sends the response signals. This will load all the media, images, content, buttons, pages etc on your browser. When you are building your website, it is important to consider which hosting services better suits your type of visitors. When you purchase a web hosting service, the company with charge you on a scheduled basis along with upgrades and different features.

Here Are Some Features That One Should Expect From A Hosting Company

Email Account

Many web hosting provides a separate email account for their clients. This email is usually used for Admin support and other webmails. Email Hosting services are usually considered as premium services which differ from typical free webmail services such as Gmail or Yahoo. The usual format is like person@domainname.com.

FTP Access

FTP allows you to upload and retrieve data from a web server. Each package has its own terms of FTP access. If you buy a cheap hosting service then the FTP access will be around 5GB per website. There are so many Third party FTP websites such as Dropbox, Google Drive. We always suggest you use the FTP provided by your web hosting company because of it’s fast, reliable and secure than others.

Website Building tools

Advanced website building tools help you to manage your content in a user organized way. One clicks easily to install WordPress creation tool with a powerful Content Management System. WordPress power more than 45% of the global websites. This requires PHP version 7 or My SQL version 5 or above.


A database in an electronic form of data accessed from a web server. An online database can be accessed from a browser anywhere in the world at any time. With advanced cloud computing technology, it is easy to store and retrieve data on a larger scale. Databases are considered as the backbone of any internet application both online and offline.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate digitally binds a cryptographic key to all the important data of a certain website. These include a Domain name, Hostname, Organization Identity, and location. Furthermore, SSL Certificate provides a secure connection between Web servers and browsers.

There are so many terms that a web server company provides, these may include Disk Space, Bandwidth, Hosted Domain, Uptime, Dedicated IP, Backups and much more. If you decide to create and host your website with Gulf Hosting, you will receive all of these features in a single package.

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